Items disappearing, then reappearing after sleeping


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I had placed a stack of 25 tinder plugs here between the stove and the bed, and carrying 4 more with me:


I then went outside looting some stuff near the tunnel collapse, went inside again, did some organization (moving stuff between drawers), then I noticed that the stack of 25 tinder plugs was entirely gone. I thought it would be bug related to placing them right where I had placed them. So i placed 2 of the 4 tinder plugs I was still carrying in the same spot that had formerly the 25, then I went to sleep in this bed to the right side of the stove:


After I woke up the whole stack of 25 tinderplugs reappeared on its old location between the left bed and the stove, whereas the 2 tinderplugs that I had placed later on that same location appeared right in front of the bed that I had slept in (the bed right side of the fire place); the exact location where they spawned is where my mouse cursor points in the second screenshot.

I attached my savegame and the output log, if thats relevant or in case you have trouble reproducing it.


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Guest mcopeman

Are you still seeing this bug? It sounds related to an issue we were having with interiors resetting but it should be fixed.


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It happened to me too (more or less).

Where: Coastal Highway

Place: (sorry, no coordinates, I will try to describe the place) Coastal Townsite, coming from the main road on the left (lake and some houses on the right), blue house before the gas station, double entrances (one looks at the road -MainDoor, the second looks at the gas station and the other houses of that side -BackDoor).

Event: After many days, I come back from Pleasant Valley. I want to stay one night at the blue house where I left some goodies. A wolf tries to catch me. I run in from the main door. I take a look around, sleep for a while. Go outside from the Backdoor. The wolf is still there. I go back inside through the Back Door and my goodies inside were gone. The house was brand new (new food around the kitchen, clothes on the bed, water in the bathroom). My stuff is disappeared.

I don't remember when I slept but, at one point, I go out from the Main Door, then I come back inside from it. My original stuff is back. The new items were gone (except for the new stuff that I took with me).

One door leads to a house, the other leads to another one: that was my thought.

Bye, great game (this is my first post, sorry for my bad english).

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That sounded more related to this issue.

Well I thought so. It would be interesting if it _is_ actually the same: Next time you encounter this, try to enter the house from the door, that the items disappear and instead of reentering from the door that lets the items spawn again, just try to sleep in a bed inside that room and see, if it makes your items appear in the old spot / beside your bed.

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Thanks, joki: I think you're right about the other issue.

I went back to the blue house (coordinates and infos: V.236 outside [770.6, 26.8, 704.8] inside [-2.6, -148.3, -1.0] coastalregion), I went in(main door), my stuff was there. I left some clothings near the bed, I want out through the back door (in the kitchen), I went back inside: my stuff disappeared (clothings near the bed too), and new stuff around (NOTE: the new stuff doesn't reset every time; it's simply a new house with its "story": if I put something on the floor, I can find it again every time I use the back door of the kitchen, and if I take something from the fridge, It will not be recreated at the next passage through the door). I slept two hours, I woke up, the clothings and my stuff still were missing. I went out through the main door, I get back in and everything was come back (my stuff on floors and clothings near the bed).

Err...should I post this again in the specific topic?

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