More non-military grade weapons,animals,bear traps,maps&more

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More non-military grade weapons, cloth bandages, non craftable bear trap, more injuries, binoculars, watch, compass, map, construction, electrical devices, more animals, more clothing crafting, sleds, residential areas

Hi guys just thought I'd add my ideas on what would help expand the game world

Firstly I'd love to see more weapons, now hear me out, NOT military grade weapons, something like a short barrel revolver 6 shooter, like a snub nosed 66 S&W (of course not using the weapons real life name), having a faster rate of fire then the hunting rifle, but being pointless beyond medium range

And secondly a double barrel shotgun like a Lupara or Winchester Model 21 (again without using the real names and yes i had to wiki the names) being able to fire 2 shots off in quick succession but having a long reload and being limited to a short range

I realise have these 2 new guns means 2 new ammo types, and neither gun is ideal for hunting but the game is about making do with what you can find right? And no I'm not suggesting increasing the gun and/or ammo spawns AT ALL, i love that it took me 2 weeks to find a rifle

Whoops! i didn't realise you could harvest cloth into bandages :S but still have harvested cloth turn into non-medical bandages with a higher chance to cause infection

*-Allow cloth to be turned into bandages, at a higher infection chance of course, it just seems a bit silly that you'd be bleeding out with a rucksack full of cloth-*

A non-craftable bear trap that can only be found (armed or not) but needs repairs so you don't have to use guns to kill animals bigger then a rabbit (or herd deer into wolves like some kind of Shepard grim reaper)

More injuries/ailments such as some form of hypothermia, a punishment for long term exposure in "freezing" state, or other kinds of sprains such a sprained shoulder from carrying too much and ignoring warnings from the character or simply from a wolf attack

Binoculars so you can plot you path and scout the land during clear weather at high vantage point

An analogue (mechanical) watch to tell precise time regardless of electromagnetic interference

A compass to tell orientation when there is no electromagnetic interference or when there is an emi event the compass goes wild :)

A map of varying degrees of detail, not just a standard map but maybe map pieces, or even a brochure as well or a map drawn by another survivor (also allow us to write on the maps), or how about allow us to draw, in game, on a piece of paper to manually create a map :)

Construction of buildings, in a section by section fashion, (wall, floor, ceiling, door...) to have a long term goal in sandbox mode, that requires long build times and a heavy drain on resources

More animals, i love the new bear, scary as hell! Maybe add some other Canadian wild life, such as foxes, usually non aggressive and can easily be mistaken for a wolf, or wild dogs, or maybe even have the rare appearance of lynx/mountain lions, wiki says live in Canada :) or perhaps varying sizes/states of animal, injured, starving, young, old, perhaps allowing you to approach an otherwise dangerous or timid creature and put it out of its misery with a knife or hatchet for an easy meal

Electrical devices that function during high emi events such as a torch/flashlight

More clothing crafting, so you can make different clothing with different pelts

A sled that can be found and/or one that can be crafted

A few areas that are a little more built up, not to the point of being a city or even a town, but to add a little variety to buildings you can loot

Just my thoughts, (please don't take any of them as demands) I'm having so much fun with the game, i can't wait to see how it progresses :D


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Welcome to the Forums!

Most of your suggestions have been made in other threads already. It would be easier for the Devs to keep track of everything if you could write something like "+1" (or a text why you would like the item/feature, ofc.) into these particular topics instead of listing all your wishes in the same thread. ;)

Allow cloth to be turned into bandages, at a higher infection chance of course, it just seems a bit silly that you'd be bleeding out with a rucksack full of cloth

Just as a sidenote: You can already turn cloth into bandages (you have to click the harvest button for that).^^

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