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I would love it if we could get different types of snow. It doesn't have to be really complicated, but if it's been blizzarding all night, it would make sense to me that there would be a fresh layer of powder everywhere. This could be indicated by a different texture than snow that has formed with a crust or packed snow, and could carry movement and fatigue penalties for moving through it based on depth. This might be offset by areas that are subject to high winds, which the storm would scour clean, leaving open for faster travel.

I know the snow shapes, coverage and depth are static in game (and likely to remain so for lots of reasons), but I think we could get a lot of utility out of textures to indicate different types of snow. A lot of people are complaining with how short the camera height is (and others are pointing out that it might be to do with the waist deep snow) and I would love it if I felt like I was full height on the rail road tracks, and then ventured off into an area with deep powder, and the game's viewpoint would sink so it feels like I'm up to my waist. All of a sudden, wet legs, feet, huge fatigue and movement speed penalties all start making sense. This could also promote sticking to game trails / areas with lighter snow, with their own consequences.

Ice and icy patches of snow have their own challenges, like an increased chance to slip and fall (negated by crampons?), breaking through the ice, and not leaving as distinct footprints.

Also, it would be great if snow came down from the sky in different ways. Heavy, wet snow? Walking around out in that should get you wet, and might fill in your footprints. Light dry snow & wind? Definitely going to fill in tracks. Maybe footprints could degrade based on the type of snow they are in, with a modifier based on the conditions?

Finally, avalanches! I see people on YouTube (and do myself, because why not right now?) climbing up and down really exposed slopes, or walking underneath cliffs or exposed, steep ridges, with no concept of the danger they would be in. Avalanche conditions are usually generated by terrain features (and storm directions), so it would make sense for them to be fairly consistent. These areas could have an increased chance of avalanche in warmer conditions, or where deep snow is present, when the slope is "cut" across, or even from loud noises. Under these conditions, certain passes / areas would simply become more dangerous to impassable.

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Ahh... :idea:

Now I finally understand that those submarine-wolves near the CH fishing camp weren't a bug, but a new feature! :lol:

@Topic: I'm all for a high chance to slip on snow-covered ice and sprain your ankle. :)

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If the devs bring "wet" into the game, then different kinds of clothing and different kinds of snow need to follow. Some kinds are clothing are more water resistant while others are not.

Also, different kinds of snow would change the base environment like the OP suggested. What about adding in some ice into the mix? Being out in an ice storm is brutal. Not only do you have the blizzard like conditions, but the ice hurts. Ice Blizzards should impact clothing wear more than just vanilla blizzards. Ice blizzards could also cause ice build up on your rifle, making it at some point in the cycle or maybe not fire at all.

Lastly, snow conditions could cause other game risks like the OP suggested. Avalanches being one. Tree wells being another. Scyzara talked about slipping and I think that is a prize of an idea. If a player is running over a flat surface (road, pond, etc) after certain conditions then the chance of falling should be introduced. This could either be a flat out percent of damage (say 5% to 25%) and/or a sprain. I think knocking your head to give blurry vision, 20% damage and long healing times would be awesome.

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