A few suggestion of game additions~


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I played around 35 hours now and survived about 20 days in voyager mode with plenty of meats, self made cloth/tools and bunker discovered.

It's a GREAT and beautiful game but I must admit it's started to get a bit boring now.

So...just want to share with you my wish list!

1) A new (but dangerous) way to kill wolf like...hand-made spear or dig a trap and invite Mr. wolf to chase me, as I want to keep rifle as self defense tool instead of hunting tool as much as possible.

2) Use animal fats/oil to make some torches that last a night in my base?

3) Bird trap / shooting.

4) A suicide option if I can't withstand the lonely life anymore...:P

5) A pet, that can be trained and commanded. With different characteristics and could die if not taken care of. Could be used to hunt small games or distract wolf/bear.

6) Photo taking...like this: http://huntingtop10.com/gal/266Hunt1320888872-71383.jpg

7) More types of animals, different size, speed, power, outlook of animals so that it add satisfaction to hunting life.

8) More challenge, like a giant bear camping a building (e.g. supermart) as home and the building got some tools that you can't find elsewhere. Planning and smart way is needed to handle the bear (like using slowly poisoning food decoy, e.g. Alcohol mixing with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pholiota_squarrosa).

9) Cigarette and Alcohol ! as tools and food(reduce fatigue /reduce thirsty)

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for the suggestions! Please feel free to look around - There are a lot of people here with different "play styles" that can give you tips on enhancing your gameplay if you're looking for extra challenges :)

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I wouldn't say cigarettes realistically calms anyone down if it costs the standardized stamina itself as well as creating an addiction :I

It could calm down someone who already has an addiction and has been jonesing since their plane went down. ;)

Smoking in video games promotes an image and that is probably a can of worms that Hinternald would rather avoid. Got to be PC enough to avoid distractions (read: offended people) to making one of the greatest games in years.

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Amazing Work! Hinterland Fellows~

I enjoy the game again after bow and arrow is added, and daytime lengthened~

Hunting is interesting now and I get more confidence to compete with wolfs on food (and still very vulnerable to wolf attack, which is good!)

Hunting become my daily activity as there's no need to worry abt ammunition anymore! My mood has gone from pessimistic to optimistic and I get the desire to move my base to the dam now(so that I could explore PV and CH conveniently, still planning). Hope that I could hunt a bear in those areas.

Thanks for your thoughtful work!

(What? I only paid $20 to hinterland? So unfair to you..!)

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