are you having trouble survivng on stalker mode?

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I watched your video. You had some pretty spot on advice though you could have been a bit more organized. I find my biggest issue is trying to do too much. As my name suggests... my end game is only ever being eaten by wolves. The encumbered tip is good, but I honestly try to do a minimalist approach when it comes to food and the like. I actually do not set up any long term base and roam from area to area. fishing is by far the most "cost" effective way to get food, so I'm glad you mentioned that. I tend to be a pack rat though, it is hard to be selective in what you take but the benefit is to be able to live comfortably where ever you stop. If you have to start again for whatever reason, I'd suggest giving that a shot, it isn't the easiest way, but it works well for me.

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