Multi-monitor / Nvidia Surround / Amd Eyefinity - Feedback


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So I'm testing out the game in triple screen, using Nvidia Surround @ 5760x1080 and at first the main menu scales well - but the menu options are on the right side monitor (which isn't a big issue). In-game the game scales perfectly it seems, so we are on track :P The FOV is probably a little tight for my liking, but I'm loving the art style.

I'm kinda of apprehensive about playing the game - even in sandbox - as I want to save it for release. BUT I will keep testing to see if I can pick up any bugs for you.



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Grats on the early access launch - but something in the most recent build has broken the way the game scales the FOV to the aspect ratio, leaving it Vert-/zoomed. It's great to have a FOV slider for fine adjustment, but the game still needs to recognise and scale properly. Just thought I'd report in, to say that the game is effectively unplayable at the moment :(

You can see the amount of FOV the game crops when selecting 5760x1080 vs 1920x1080.




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