Trapped in the Lookout


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I had made it up to the Mystery Lake’s Lookout to see if it had a hatchet, but the only thing I found was a bullet, a candy bar, and a few other things. I settled-down for a night of freshly cooked wolf steaks and a deep sleep and early rise. The next morning the day was crisp and clear just the way I like it. I made my way down the steps my deer skin boots crunching on the fresh snow making it to the last landing when out of my peripheral vision a dark shape crossed my line of sight. It was a wolf. He was circling the steps, but never across the opening. I could not trust my abilities to shot him through rail. I went back up to the lookout to get some rest and wait him out. Twice I did that and still he was there waiting for me to come out. So I stayed the night to see if after a longer wait he would get bored and go find something else to do. In the morning I went down and he was still there. I prepared to fight him. I metaphorically got my knife ready. I stepped out of the last of the steps and when he attacked I fought back stabbing him as quick as I could. I think the fight was draw. With just a little bit of heal left we parted ways. He in to the snow I up the stairs. In a daze I made it to the first landing. I applied bandages and antiseptic as quick as I could. I made my way back up the stairs still in a heavy daze. I could see him standing off to one side glaring up at me as I made my way to the lookout. I made a fire, boiled some water, and ate the last of the food. I slept for the rest the day and into the next morning. When I woke-up the next morning my health was good and the day was not. A blizzard was howling outside. It was not until the next morning that the weather was good enough to travel. But I still had the wolf to deal with. I found him. He was not far from where we had parted ways, his corpus was cold. He must have died soon after the fight maybe it was his specter that had watch me as I climbed the steps a few days ago. I had wanted to claim his fresh, to wrap his skin around me like a blanket, to use his guts like string. His corpus was too badly gone to harvest. I am quite sure he was laughing at me as I made my way down the mountain with my stomach growling.

I was half way down the mountain when I turned a corner and came face to face with another wolf no doubt coming up to check on her mate. She was having problems with the deep snow in that area and could not move forward. I fired quickly hitting her but not killing her. She run down the mountain with me quickly following her. I lost sight of her, but her blood trail showed me the path. Just 100ft from the trail head I stumbled and sprain my ankle. In the time it took me to attend to my ankle the trail was lost. Looking from the bottom of the mountain, a logging area spread-out before me. To the left I could see a deer walking. The wolf clearly did not go that way. To the right and away was a wolf but he seemed fine and was walking across the logging area looking for pray. I looked around the area but could not find a corpus, but the nearby wolf was now closer and I standing on a group of logs made it easy for him to see me. This time the angle better and I was able to look down on my target. One shot was all it took to bring him down. I quickly harvest ever thing from him and retreated up the hill for late brunch and healthy nap.

As I again made my way down the mountain a fog was settling in. I had to move on; with no food I could not stay there any longer. He was waiting for me at the bottom, striding towards me before we even had a line of sight. This time I took my time pointing the rifle into his intended path. When his head filled the sights I fired and down he went. This time I would harvest and run. No going back up that mountain I was finished with it for a while. As I strode home back to the lake office, it came to mind that with the wolves that I had killed here and the ones from the trip to the lookout I should have enough pelts for a wolf coat. {Fin}

Next time I get the writing bug I will post for you gals and guys the time I mistook Rabbet Island for a lake.

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