UI bug when killed while searching (Found v.065, #0007)


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I have encountered this bug when searching a container (corpse near the train wreck, but don't think that matters).

I had the searching promt going and during that I was killed by a wolf. I have received the message I have been killed by the wolf, but my cursor was still "stuck" inside the searching promt (which was paused and "behind" the end game window) and I was unable to click any of the options that you get when you die (start new game/exit). I had to alt-F4 the game


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I second that encounter....Exactly as he stated it occurring... Searching Bar approx. half way through completion after searching corpse, death secondary to blood loss during search, stuck cursor/unable to exit or restart game.

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Well I guess i won't be posting a screen shot, it showed I took it but it is nowhere to be found on my HDD or Steam account...if I stumble upon it I'll get it in here....sorry guys!

Should come up under your Steam Name>Screenshots and if not, just use your System Screen Cap ability and they should save to a default place (Desktop on a Mac) and somewhere else on a PC, unless you have changed the default, path.

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