Adding clotheprotection sprays


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You can use wax to "water/wind proof" items too. However, whenever you put a protective layer on these items... they no longer breathe. That does not sound like a big deal at first, but your feet sweat in boots that don't breathe. You either have to change your socks or you have wet feet, which quickly equals cold feet. Same thing happens when you do this with outerwear. The under clothing becomes wet and then you are screwed. That is why breathable but resistant materials (like Gortex) are life savers. Look at the fine print with these sorts of additive improvements. In conditions like the player is in, it could do more harm than good. Also, some of these sprays can do real harm if their side effect is a loss of traction. Players going across ice or meandering down an incline can turn manageable conditions into an mechanical injury PDQ.

That said, some of this stuff is fantastic for amending your shelter. Putting on water repellants onto a deerskin hide could make an excellent tarp for laying on or sheltering under. It could also make a sled into a super-sled, able to slide easier and last longer.

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