#35-02 So I fell through the map. [Needs more info]


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I'm not completely sure where I was when this happened. I just started playing today, and had just randomly spawned. I saw the backside of a mountain to my left, so I climbed it. When I started to make my way down the other side, I realized I had made a terrible mistake. I decided to end it, but when I jumped from the mountain, I went through the snow...and then the map.



Sorry I can't be more specific about where this happened. I fell from quite a distance earlier and got the "multiple looping scream", but I didn't fall through anything; this is the first time it's happened.

(I may have screwed up inserting my images, so here are the links: http://imgur.com/v8AOnjh http://imgur.com/cc6QXek )

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Ill put in a bug report in, once you read this thread Bug Reporting Process & Best Practices so you have a idea how to submit bugs, and help to put your Platform Specs in your Signature.

Did you jump into the game area or into the the other side being "the end of the world" ??

As well,I need what platform you are using for now, seeing you can't give us any idea where you where.

Im off to find a mountain and jump off it.

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Sorry, sorry about the lack of info. I was running off to school and it was maybe my second time spawning in (I survived 18 minutes the first time before a wolf bit my face off), so I wasn't really super familiar with the game or the layout. If I had to guess where I was now, I'd say somewhere in the vicinity of the Trapper's Cabin. I couldn't see it from where I was, but I think I was maybe on a ridge with the cabin area off to my right.

I am playing on PC. I'm not at home so I don't have my specs, but I can try to put them up later if they're needed. I know this isn't much more information to work with, but I figured better something than nothing...maybe...

Also, I was traversing down the front half of the mountain/ridge Skyrim-style (as in, jump a bit and hope that ridge is as close as it appears)...I ended up somewhere I definitely wasn't supposed to be - No way up, no way down - so I just jumped and decided to start over. I made no impact with the ground at all. I was jumping a little towards the face of the cliff to see if I could "slide" down, but when I fell through the map, I definitely fell through in a seam between the ground and the mountain.

Let me know if specs are crucial and if I can give anymore information, and I'll post later. I'll follow "bug reporting protocol" more closely next time!

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It was here!! I was just watching this YouTube playthrough and the guy starts out in the same place I did at the very beginning of the video, except I was heading uphill and to the left where he was heading down and to the right a bit. I'm so bad at this, but it was in this area for sure...So, in other words, the backside of the logging camp. I was totally wrong before. Sorry, guys.

Just for future reference, I see notes that request coordinates for incidents like this. Is there a way for me to get an actual coordinate from the game, or do I just need to be more familiar with and aware of my surroundings when this stuff happens?


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