Wind - more impact?


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So I was wandering around the ravine a bit. But I didn't want to cross to another region. I just wanted to explore and then go back. And when I was on my way back and still had the bridge with the damaged rails ahead of me the wind suddenly got stronger. And I was like "Oh man... if I can pass this bridge with this wind? Of cause I can! The wind won't push me down the rails! It only slows me down!"

But... what if the wind actually could push our character around?

How funny it would be if crossing ML to CH or the other way round would get a bit more dangerous? More dependent on the weather conditions?

I don't know if it would be too much to ask that wind should push you around everywhere.

But maybe there could be a balancing mini-game for those acrobatic passages. With the difficulty depending on weather conditions and the carried weight.

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