Outdoors-only gameplay no longer possible?


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I didn't get the memo – when did the campfire temperature change? Since they no longer provide positive temperature, I find it's no longer possible to survive without using houses – you freeze to death even near the campfire (especially when there's a blizzard). On Stalker, you can no longer survive a single day outdoors. Technically you can have several campfires going (as that one guy got 300°C or something), but it's just silly exploits when you have nothing interesting to do.

While I appreciate an increase in difficulty, it should be done via item scarcity and/or conditions. Heck, I would have just decreased general outside temperature by a ton but kept old campfires. Because as it is now, it severely limits gameplay, promoting tedious hibernation. I used to have fun while playing with a rule of "no going indoors until you find >80% condition crowbar", but now it's impossible.

With this patch and erratic blizzards, all that's left is achievement farming. What's the point of having campfires if they don't warm? What's the point of having wind shelters if blizzards change direction every hour?

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