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So i was going good on my 18th day. I had spend 99% of my time in pleasant Valley but was unable to find a hatchet. I had everything i need except for a hatched and a bear roll. I had plenty of food. I was bunkering it down at pleasant valley farmstead.

So i had seen on a map something called Derelict cabins. I thought i could go there and look for a hatchet. Shouldnt take too long so i only took with me 3kg of food. (3 items of meat). Left the house with 40% fattigue. Big mistake it should turn out to be.

On my way i searched the Lonely cabins but didnt find anything of real value. Only found some cooked rabbit meat.

Everything was running smooth but crossing the river i was entering an area i was not famliar with. So i had great trouble finding the 2 cabins. I came to a waterfall and realised i was way out of course.

Then suddenly visibility dropped out of nowhere. Windspeed picked up. Oh nooo, now i cant find the cabins. So i had to find a good cliff and hunker down till storm was over.

I found a good place with a 90 degree bent so i would be protected from 2 sides versus the wind. I harvested some wood and put down a fire. I took a nap because i was getting tired. When i wake up the wind had changed direction so i had to walk around the cliff and reposition my camp.

I harvested wood without a hatched remind you, and it took a huge effort and my fattigue was going up and up. I put down a new fire. This time it looked like the fire was protected from a 90 degree angle but i wasnt sure. I went to sleep again just 1 hour, but just before the screen faded into black the wind was changing direction again. But luckily the angle was just out of reach of the fire.

Now nighttime came and i was going into my reserves. Food was running dry. Couldnt get much sleep. it was fog nighttime and a storm. The classic scenario to call for emergency however today there would be no emergency to come and look for me.

So my condition just got worse and worse. Then while i was taking a nap out in the open a wolf attacked me. It must had been real hungry since it ignored the fire. I managed to fight it off me but it left me with ~40% condition. He ran away bleeding. I had good medic kit on me so i quickly patched myself up but what do i do now?

I tried going through the night and stay point, but with 6-8 hour left of darkness i came to the realization that it would probably not going to work. It came down to something like 4 hours of darkness left with 34-35% condition i decided to head out into the darkness. I lighted up my torch using my fire and started heading out.

Didnt get far away maybe 5 steps. Then a wolf made out a frightening sound. I panicked and ran back to safety behind my fire. But from my previous experience i wasnt sure if the wolf would attack me. But now i had a lighted touch in my hand. So i threw it down on the ground on the area where the fire didnt protect me and now i was 100% sure i was protected. The wolf came to a standstill as it got scared and i could securely shoot it in the head.

Now, i was starving at this point but now i had access to raw wolf meat. Things suddenly didnt look so grim. I head out of my comfort zone, didnt had any other options and secured 2 kg of meat. Went back to my fire and cooked one, then ate it. Then cooked the other and then i ate that too. Then i went back to the wolf and got the rest of the meat and the skin. Not that i needed the skin but it was nice to have. Then the storm calmed down and night changed to day.

When i had done the wolf, right when i had finished it, a mofo of a black bear came around the corner. I thought this is it. Im done. But quickly i regained control of myself and fled back to the safety of my fire. The bear couldnt get closer to me and as it stood still i was able to shoot it 3 times in the head and it fell to the ground.

So now i had all this meat but i thought i couldnt take it due to the seriousness of the situation. So i just took the skin and 4 guts. After this i found the Derelict Cabins and realised this was close to the place i had started and i had searched this place before.

Now the mission was to get back to the pleasant valley farmstead. I didnt have much sleep and i was exhausted. So i couldnt move fast plus i was encumbered. So I took a big gamble and just slept for 2 hours right there in the snow without a fire. It was game changing. Now i could move around in a good pace, but right then as i got up a storm came in. Visibility dropped. Crossed the river. Couldnt do much. Just struggling to get to the barn. Was afraid i might would lose it and overshoot it. Wasnt sure of my position.

But then i came to a road that ran perpendicular to my direction. I decided to turn left in hope the road would lead me to the barn. The road then went downhill quite a lot. I couldnt understand it. This area isnt supposed to have hills. Am i lost?

But right then the barn popped up out of the fog and i was saved.

I went inside. Was exhausted again. I had a lot of coffee, so i made a fire out of the collected reclaimed wood in the firebarrel. This saved me. But now darkness fell again. I slept maybe 1 or 2 hours. Then I decided i could do it. I could run from here to the pleasant valley farmstead in the middle of the night. Just one problem, one wolf attack and i would be dead. But then i reminded myself that i had a flare on me so i should be alright. I made it back to pleasant valley farmstead and i went right to bed. But i was so exhausted that i didnt got up after some 14 hours.

What a search. Didnt got what i was looking for but instead i did find a good bear skin and a wolf skin.

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Thanks for sharing! Good story. I've definitely had many times where I was not too far from a house/hut when I suddenly found myself lost in a blizzard. The worst for me is being lost on any of the lakes. I know there are so many fishing huts around, but I can never seem to get close to one...So much relief when one finally appears! Good save/thinking with the cliff!

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