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Started at Alans Cave. After the first few Steps in the snow i saw my self eye in eye with the danger that should later on become fatal to me. A hungry Wolf hunting some deer. Oh damn i thought i could walk the first steps without some danger but okay, survival is not a family trip. I managed to avoid the wolf and soon found an old dam. Inside some supplies and some crates. As i was already about to leave i discovered a crowbar, well better than nothing right ?! Already freezing. Damn. Walked on and found a logging Camp and with it the first frozen bodies. Suddenly the idea struke me. Should i have tried to open the crates with the crowbar ??? But the dam is too far away now. After scavening the remaining bits o what used to be the logging camp, i decided to start a fire and eat my newly found beef jerky (yummy). Just as i tried starting the fire i hear a sound that makes my blood freezes immediatly. Another wolf and its coming right for me. The sucess rate of the fire is 52% and its my only hope. We have all seen the first gameplay video, wolves are afraid of fire. So netter not mess this up.

Of course i messed up.

After barly fending off the wolf in hand to claw combat i suffer drom heavy blood loss. I apply a bandage and look up blood loss under frist aid. okay it say i should take antibiotics and than rest for 6 hours. No antibiotics so i guess i will skip that step.

Okay so i start a fire ( with accelrant this time -note to self in urgent need always use acclerant - ) and lay my bedroll next to it.

After 1 hour of sleep i died of blood loss....

Short break, quick sip of coffee, here we go again.

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