The moon.


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Yes, the dark part is sometimes visible, but it is always a little brighter than the sky, never darker.

Why? Because the sky brightness is mainly caused by our atmosphere, which is in front of the Moon too.

The dark side may be visible, because it is illuminated by earthshine.

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Interesting! In my place, i had never seen the dark part, i mean at all, just the bright part. Maybe in another place the moon look different ? Or not.

Seriously guys, dark mean there is no light get to that part, so it s impossible to see the dark part in the late afternoon. In the late afternoon, you will be only able to see the blue sky. Just like this:


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During dawn/day/dusk there's too much light scattered in the atmosphere (the "sky" is too bright) to see it.

Here the effect is exaggerated by a long exposure.


"Earthshine reflecting off the Moon, as seen through a telescope. The bright region is directly illuminated by the Sun, while the rest of the Moon is illuminated by light reflected off the Earth."


As you can see from this picture the difference in illumination is big but on some nights you can, barely, make out the Moon's outline with the naked eye.

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