Legs! (and more)


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One of the most important things in the game for me is the ability to see my body and legs in a realistic way, not like a lot of other games where you just get to see your knees and feet or just your hands.

I want to see my body as in first person human.

Changing difficulty during the game, being able to craft small things such as a hat or shoes or a scarf without the need of a workbench.

Maybe building a small base or something, or at least being able to somewhat customize a chosen base.

And a thing that I find REALLY helpful, a compass or a map.

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I think he means more like the arma series. You can look down and see everything without needing a switch to 3rd person. The interesting part will be all the different combinations of clothes. Would be nice to not see all the ghost foot prints appearing in the snow.

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