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Ok so i did the following test.

The purpose of the test:

Test the difference between 11x launcher and normal TLD launcher


The game will be run at ultra high and with 1920x1200 resolution, full screen and with vertical sync


Start the game with 11x and begin in coastal highway. Check with CTRL+ALT+Delete the ram usage of the program and note it.

Then walk to the mine and note the ram usage here too

Go through the mine and once you are in pleasant valley note the ram here

Go to the pleaseant valley farmstead and note the ram usage here

Search through the whole building, then exit the building and note the ram usage here

Then go back to the mine and in front of the mine note the ram usage here

Go through the mine and at coastal highway note the ram

Go to the to in front of the ravine and note the ram usage here

Go to Mystery lake and note the ram usage

Go and kill Fluffy

Restart PC and repeat but now with TLD


The results are summarized in this picture:

At my 2nd run on TLD the game crashed when i went from the mine to the pleasent valley

And further to add. At my first run there was a few frame loss when i walked from pleaseant valley farmstead to the mine but nothing big

On my 2nd run i had frame loss all over the place and the sun wasnt even shining so no shadows and no glows between trees.


There is something very wrong in the TLD launcher. It takes up way more ram than it has to, but also the graphics wont run as smooth.

Also further to add: Fluffy was killed in 1st run without having a rifle upon entering the dam 8-)

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I have tried DX11 and noticed a significant performance boost.

And then, i noticed: there is no fps from steam overlay. So, i have no numerals.

Ok, Steam overlay doesn't work in TLD DX 11 ever.

Then I tried normal TLD exe with Steam overlay turned off: the result is the same - i big performance boost.


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(so i pressed F10 because i knew that would crash the game and it did)

If by "Crash" you mean the game appeared to be "Frozen" [no pun intended given the TLD scenario - well, maybe a little pun), then chances are it didn't crash when you pressed F10

F10 generates a HUGE filesize of a hi res screenshot (like the type meant for print media publications due to the resolution), and depending on a player's system can take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes to complete. F8 (for debug shots) and F9 for regular screenshots is most likely a better option... if you need it without any HUD or display, then you need to turn off the display option first.

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exeexe Just out of curiosity what are your computer specs?

I have absolutely no problem running the game at all and often times I am running multiple programs at the same time. See my specs in my signature for comparison.

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Of course dx11 will run it better but it is not what the game was programmed with at first. While running in dx11 should not cause any issues per-say, it still needs to be thoroughly vetted before it is set as the default for the game.

Also, it is not two exe's but one. Thr other is a batch file that instructs the exe to force running in dx11. There are 3 more as well for testing the game in other configs as well.. The command to run it in dx11 actually can be added to the exe instead but it was done this way t be able to test the game in multiple ways giving the option to fall back to dx9 alone if there are any issues.

I'm pretty sure they will have the game running with 11 by the time it goes gold.. But only they would know if that is what is going to happen.. With Mechwarrior Online, they did not get the dx11 coding done until about 6 months after the game launched, so keep that in mind.

I created a separate shortcut just to launch the game in dx11 if I want to easily.. Bb0W2Bv.png

* Return to using DX9 for rendering

* Added tld_dx11.bat and tld_borderless_dx11.bat for launching game using DX11

* Fixed issue with sandbox loading more than once (if rapidly clicking start)

We have decided to return to using DX9. Although DX11 did improve framerate for some players, it seems a larger number were negatively affected (either by lower framerate or stability issues). Users can still run DX11 by launching the game with the newly added tld_dx11.bat file, or by manually using the command line argument -force-d3d11

We are going to continue to investigate using DX11 by default, but right now it is safer to use DX9 and allow players to experiment with DX11 to see if it improves framerate. If you have played v.124 and it improved your framerate, then you should use DX11.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thanks for your support.

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