more illnisses in general


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So I've found this topic, but I'm sure there are more about illnesses. And this one even drifted off to the hibernation issue.

But I would really love to have some more inconveniences in the game.


  • a cold with sneezing (could attract attention of wildlife, could pull your rifle aim out of focus)
  • feever (could be very annoying if sweating is ever going to be implemented)
  • sore feet (if you walk and run many days and don't take your shoes off even once)

I'm sure there can be found more.

And I don't think they would have to be implemented in a medical correct way.

I mean... it's a game. I doubt there's anyone complaining here about the realizm in findling clothes all unisex, onsize... every item a perfect fit for our character ;)

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I like the idea of sickness. However, the general was of getting sick is exposure to an outside vector. IE, another person. Since we don't have any other peeps around, most common illness are going to be pretty hard to get. However, getting laid up by over exertion, exposure and/or long term injuries would definitely work. Surviving an animal attack may require stitches and more time to heal. Recovery from freezing/exposure may take more time than just a warming up and resting a day. A player could pull their back hauling a heavy load to far, reducing their speed and dropping their max weight load. Broken limb would probably be the end of a player, but a broken finger or toe could be dealt with.

As soon as we get into story mode though, the vectors will be added back in.

If the devs wanted to make some new geomagnetic fictional disease, then who knows what could occur. I am painfully reminded about the two Star Trek episodes with heavy gravity and transmitting the "drunken" like sickness to other crew members by touch. Oh please no!

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So I've asked my mother if it's possible to catch a cold even if there is no person around to catch it from.

And since she's a doctor she should know.

And she told me (of cause not in English, but I'll translate for you ;) ):

"Of cause you can! You get a cold via viruses. And they are no living thing. They are bits of DNA or RNA which just invade your cells and make them work different. And this makes you sick. And they are everywhere in the air. So if your immune system is in a bad shape you can catch a cold because it's not able to fight off the effect of the viruses on the fly."

I don't know why but I really want my ingame survival to be jeopardized by a random sneeze ;)

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Some virus have been known to "hibernate" in the artic for eons, most don't last on a surface past a few hours. Something like the Hantavirus can lay dormant for long periods of time. That is why I don't sleep on the ground or in rat infested hovels. Some diseases are spread by parasites like fleas and ticks. Scarlet Fever, ticks. Bubonic Plague, fleas. Again, I don't frequent those areas and if it do, I self check after. However, the largest vector of communicable illness is still other people. Statically, isolated communities have lower levels of communicable diseases and sickness. If the area is remote, the new strains of the flu virus are just not going to pop up. A vector has to bring them in. If some new super bug pops up, the CDC is looking for the vector. Find out where it came from and stop the spread. If the player is not isolated, I don't know who is.

Not say the avatar could not have come in contact with something and it is just now rising to the surface OR the avatar is now weak enough for the illness to appear. I have heard talk that the player in Sandbox box mode has been walking for quite some time and arrives at the game area as the winter sets in. Other have said the plane just crashed. Exposure to the vector and the vector's life cycle play a part in when the sickness is going to manifest, if at all.

I think what we need to look at it simply. Is possible to catch a bug with no one around or is it probable. Possible, sure. Probable, no.

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