At A Loss :)

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Love the game. And I mean love. The fact that I have absolutely no idea what to do is one of the things I love ...

Survival games aren't my strong suit but I continuously keep going no matter what - learning things each run.

However ... I think at this point in order to really feel like I'm making any kind of headway I need to ask ... what am I missing?

The only thing I've figured out is how to freeze to death :) I am forever dehydrated and can't seem to solve that problem. When I start a new game the first thing that happens is I get mauled by a wolf and that's pretty much the end of the game for me :) Is there something I am not understanding or is the game just this brutal? I can't find food or shelter or water so I pretty much die in the first few minutes :)

I don't have a problem dying but I feel like I'm missing something obvious?

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Trust me -- we had the same reaction on our first few playthroughs :lol:

Best advice I can offer (or at least what I did) is use a lot of the playthroughs to just explore -- and definitely become aware to constantly check your surroundings for wolves... they'll even stalk you.

Spawning weather can make a big difference too... you have no idea how glad I am when I start off in a sunny early morning [more time and light to get my bearings) and how often I panic when finding myself right in the middle of a snow storm.

Watch for landscape patterns -- they aren't always visible, but when you get to clear spots you can see some.

Best part of the game is discovering the Ah-Ha moments... read through some of the posts in here and from the Pre-Alpha archives and you'll get glimpses of survival tricks we've picked up.

Most Important Tip: Don't play with the doggies in the forest... they're scary!

(and if really stuck, press F1) ;)

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Thanks much :) Still not finding anything at all about water or snow ...

No matter what I do I die of dehydration because I have never found any water.

I understand about the weather patterns but I really haven't been able to spend more than a few minutes in the game without dying so that's why I am asking if there is something I am missing because I'm on playthru 20 or so with not much luck seeing much of the game :)

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Try making a fire and inspecting what you can do with it.

A fire? You mean outside? I haven't had a chance to even do that and I've been playing for a while now.

My last spawn was in a cave ... and I walked outside and a wolf ate me. I mean literally within seconds of starting :)

If I get a chance to make a fire I will try that, ArrayKnight ... Thank you.

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I also got killed almost immediately on first try, a bit later on the second, and then I actually managed to survive a couple of hours. After about a dozen tries and mostly being killed by a wolf, I felt vindicated when I figured out how to fight them and actually killed one. Died myself very soon afterwards, of blood loss, but I still won. Also, if you're dying of some other reason in the middle of the night and the sky is clear, it's much better to just go stargazing and be mauled by a wolf.

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