Wipe frost/snow off windows for more light


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Posted this on the steam page but I'll just post it here too.

It'd be cool if you could go outside and clear the windows so it would be easier to see inside, it's way too dark in houses compared to how light it is outside and obviously the snow blocks that light so removing it would be a nice option.

Would also make it scarier when wolves or bears have you locked in the house since you're just sitting in the dark, can't go outside to clear the windows...

I know being dark makes it harder but it's kind of unreasonable the interiors should be as dark as they are when it's very bright outside and it feels silly at times walking around in the dark or wasting match to see.

Certainly beats a brightness option anyway that would make it too simple. Not to mention cheating with gamma.

This would be good enough and makes sense.

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This is something that was asked for before in this tpoic:

Can't we get more light inside buildings?

In short the response of Hinterland:

[...] Plus we make it dark so that you use the light sources, and if you want to be thorough with your looting making you use those light sources to get everything in the interior.

I understand that makes it hard but...it's hardly realistic is it? It's the one thing that bugs me about the game really the rest is pretty much spot on but that's just needlessly awkward.

Interiors don't need to be lit up like Christmas or anything but at least near the windows.

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