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So i guess i'm a bit of a late comer to this game and what a great game it is, even in it's alpha state.

This is the game i've been waiting to come along. I've played several survival type games recently but this is the one that's really got me hooked. I'm spending fallout 3 levels of time on this game at the moment and can't wait for story mode.

So here's my initial thoughts of what i'd like to see in sandbox/story mode. (sorry if i'm covering old subjects)

1. More crafting. I've seen a few comments about things like bows etc. the push back is that the common person wouldn't know how to make these types of items, with that said i don't know many people that would be able to make line from an animals guts.... My solution for this would be to have discoverable survivor guides. At the beginning you'd have a basic guide that you have in your survival kit when you crash land. As the game progresses you can 'learn' new survival techniques from books or people you meet. This would help give the game longevity as you'd use the man made items to begin with and then progress to a true survivalist towards the back end of the game as resources run out.

2. The mental aspect. This is a huge aspect of survival and i think it should be a part of this game. It adds a feeling of desperation to the game play. Not only are you starving but the fact you can't find food plays havoc on your mind. This war of mine does this really well. Although being depressed in to a state of paralysis is really annoying!

I'm sure they'll be lots more for me to add as i keep playing. Great game guys and i'm really looking forward to seeing how things progress.

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