All light disappears in house-FIXED


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Hey there, with game version 227 I load up my save in a house at the Coastal Town, walk from the bedroom to the kitchen and suddenly everything goes pitch black.

It's happened 2 out of 3 times I've loaded the save so hopefully you guys can reproduce it. Attached screenshots and save game.

Hardware is a GTX 760 with latest drivers 350.12 and Windows 8.1

save file

Let me know if I should add any other info?




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They changed Daylight hours a bit, from 14 hours down to 12 hours. Looking at your clock, I see that it is 6AM and the sun won't be up yet at this time, but in the previous version it would have been (guessing since the new clock doesn't display a precise time anymore). I noticed the same instant change from light to dark when I loaded my save as well, instead of a slower fade that we're accustomed to.

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Yeah I think you are right mate. It was the abrupt update in lighting that threw me. I got ready in the dark, went outside and across to the gas station where I also couldn't see a thing inside, crafted for an hour and realised that I could see again.

Sorry for the false bug report folks.

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