A Player Challenge: "On The Move"


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Why you might want to do this challenge:

I got bored of the whole, hauling up in somewhere like the farmhouse getting a lot of rabbit and living in the kind of almost-forever-sustainable state that you end up in late game. This kind of incentive to keep moving brought the game more alive for me, more tension and its own challenges like crafting on the move and more difficult decisions in terms of items/weight, and the sort of "auto-explore" mode you end up in is kind of fun. If you've done the vanilla challenges, maybe give this a go for fun! I just made it to keep me entertained, but thought i'd share.

"On The Move" challenge. Personally have found after playtesting the 'optional rules' variant at the bottom to be the most fun, hopefully it's not too confusing!


Difficulty: Stalker

Starting location: Roll 1d6. 1-2 mystery lake 3-4 coastal 5-6 pleasant

Details: When you sleep in a bed, when you next leave that structure (although you are allowed to poke your head out the door and forage/check for wolves). You must leave a 50%+ condition item (you want it to be perishable) just outside the door of the structure (as a 'marker'). While this marker exists, the structure is considered 'unsafe' and you cannot use any beds or use a bedroll inside the structure (until the marker perishes).

Derelict buildings/caves/anything in the 'exterior' maps do not need to have a marker, so you can have a semi-permanent base if you really want to (until you run out of sleeping bags/cotton/sewing kits), it should still reduce the length of your average play-through which is what this challenge is designed to do.

PS: You cannot use raw meat as your marker. If you use a non-perishable item, you'll never be sleeping in this structure again :) Also if you can't find an un-marked structure, guess you're sleeping under the stars :P. You also cannot sleep in transitional zones.

PPPS: You can only stay in a structure for one day/night.

Simple summary:

- Leave a marker when you leave a building you have slept in. You can't use any beds inside that building or a bedroll until the marker disappears.

- You cannot sleep in transitional zones.

- You cannot stay in the same structure for more than one day/night.

- Derelict buildings/caves/anything in the 'exterior' map does not count as a 'structure' and you do not need to place a marker.

- You must mark every door if there is more than one entrance to a building.


It's hard to find a justifiable reason for this behaviour. I have only come up with a couple of ideas, as I mentioned above possibly buildings become 'unsafe' or unsuitable for habitation. Or perhaps you are looking for an escape from this wasteland, some human contact desperately so your character is compelled to keep moving. Perhaps you are looking for a loved one/friend lost survivor desperately so the markers you are leaving you can imagine are some kind of note to say "hey, i've already been here, I hope I haven't missed you, I'm heading X direction next". Perhaps your character is super paranoid wolves are going to camp you out if you stay in a spot too long. Be creative, you can sorta justify it in your head however you want.

My last score: ~8 days no gun run (restarted with dice variant method below)

My last score (die variant + slower condition regen): in progress

If you take up the challenge, let me know how it went and how many days you've lasted! Hopefully it will force some people into more action packed and shorter (although perfectly possible to last a v long time) way to play. Keeping things fresh.

Last updated: 26/04/2015

Last rule change: If you sleep in a building you have to mark it, end of (no 'naps' etc). Multiple markers must be placed for multiple doors to a building.

Optional rules

- Dice (die) variant:When you are about to leave a structure having used a bed, stove or workbench or simply using it as shelter from poor conditions (by hiding in it until the storm passes, maybe repairing stuff etc) roll a d6, if you land 6 you must vacate the building leaving one piece of reclaimed firewood at each entrance and taking whatever things you want with you and the building is unhabitable/unsafe/suffered incredible damage.

- You may not enter this structure again. The time you lose dropping/foraging and dropping reclaimed firewood can be seen as the time passed required for you to leave the building safely with your things.

- You can only take what you can maximum carry without being unable to move when you roll a 6 and have to 'evacuate'.

- You can now stay in a building for more than one night (until you hit a 6). All other rules apply as normal. You only need to roll once per day. You should also roll if you use a cooking stove or a workbench in a building.

- Other rules apply (no sleeping in conditional zones, leave a marker at every door, etc)

- I prefer to use cedar wood as a more obvious marker. But that's your preference.

- Slow condition regen: Sleep one hour at a time only for slower condition regen, you do not need to roll everytime you press the sleep button, just when you choose to do something other than sleep in a building then resume. You do not need to sleep in 1 hour intervals if you are at 100% condition and will remain so for the duration of your sleep.

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