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I don't call this a bug but more of a design flaw. When tld upgraded recently, the farmhouse got a really nice cook stove instead of a potbelly. Very nice, except that when you fire her up, you have to put the wood in the oven.

Cook stoves generally have 3 doors, as this one does, two small doors on the left, one big one on the right. The top door on the left is the firebox, the one below it the ash door and the big door on the right is the oven.

It would be really cool if you could tweak the code so the firebox door opens instead of the oven door. I realize that people like myself are few and far between, folks who have actually used a wood fired cook stove. Most players won't even notice.

I wonder how many comments you'd get when the little door on the upper left opens instead of the big door?

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I've used these kind of wood stoves and noticed the same as unclejace and it sure felt funny to light up fire in the "wrong place", using oven instead of actual firebox.

But one thing I did notice familiar, was how the bottom parts of an old cooking pan reflected the light shining through the top surface of the stove.

At least it looked like it shines through the top parts of the stove?

I might as well be wrong and those small, dim reflections of light on cooking pans were not because of the way the stove was build, but indeed, just a random reflections of fire burning in the "oven".

Those big old wood stoves that I have used were build so that there were sturdy removable cast iron rings inside each other on those places where You would put Your pot/kattle on, so that if You wanted to expose the bottom of pot/kattle directly to the fire (to heat up faster), You would just remove enough those metal rings to fit the size of pot/kettle used.

These removable metal rings were found just on those two kettle-spots that were directly on top of firebox. There were bigger, wider ones on top of oven that were just big heavy cast iron plates that could be removed also, but more likely they were used just to give access to scoop ashes inside stoves fire-channels to keep them clean.

But those metal rings didn't fit together all that perfectly, so they allowed some of the light coming from the fire below, to shine through and it gave a nice flickering reflection to the bottom parts of pots/pans placed on top of it.

Those reflections I saw ingame on PV farmsteads big wood burning stove reminded me of that, but I'm not sure if this stove we have ingame, has those removable metal rings on top surface or not. Maybe it does or doesn't, but at least those reflections I mentioned are quite authentic, even if they're there by mere "accident" :P

Edit: just logged in to check this and PV farmstead stove doesn't have those removable rings on top surface, but has solid metal plates/disks instead.

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