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[glow=red]V.243 Solved[/glow]


There are some translation is missing in V.226.

For all of these no translation keys in Community Localization's file.

1) Cat Tail's description don't have a Key in translation now.


2) And there is no translation for "Harvest it" and "Leave it".


3) In the options -> controls, there is no translation for "Aim sensitivity"


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[glow=red]Solved! V.256[/glow]

Thanks Jeremy!

And another missing translation:

4) The middle option "Drink it", or "Equip it" (when found a gun or some item). And "Take it", "Leave it".


And a little nuance with TAB menu: There words override each other in russian translation.

May you make a little more space between options? Or wrap the words in two lines. By the way, words become bigger when it is mouse over.


In English and German it's look fine.


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[glow=red]Solved! V.243[/glow]

Thank you!

Now, in V.227 has been added keys of translation for:

  • The Cat Tail's head can be used as tinder. Its stalk is tough, not very filling, but edible...!
  • Take It
  • Leave It
  • Equip It
  • Harvest It
  • Aim Sensitivity
  • Look Sensitivity

Please add in advance:

1) Drink it


2) Eat it


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[glow=red]Solved! V.256[/glow]


Thanks for adding keys for translation items and actions above.

Today, in V.243 i've noticed untraslated sentence on load screen (after starting a new game), at the bottom of the screen:

"Press any key to continue"

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Guest mcopeman

Very strange... I'm not seeing this! What selection where you making on the main menu? example: stalker, male, pleasant valley. Also are you playing on Mac or PC?


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[glow=red]Solved! V.256[/glow]

With any combination of difficulty, gender and map. But, pleasant valley is locked on this computer.

And yes, it is PC. Win 8 x64.

I will test it at home too.

Sorry, I didn't say about it at first, but it with Russian Translation from workshop: Русский для людей (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... earchtext=)

I forget that there is another russian in the game ))

And when game starting too, after starting animation with disclaimer:

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[glow=red]Solved in v.265. Thank you![/glow]


Thanks for all previous requests - all's done!

It was really big and hard work with the last update.

Hinterland team - you all gorgeous people!

And please don't think about me, like i am the evil man )))

I just want to make russian translation perfect for such perfect game.

And i have found new words without translation in v.256 )) Sorry.

Here it is ("Actions" menu of item, Harvest tab): Not translated nor in Russian from Workshop, nor in Russian ingame.

  1. Time for harvest - but it has a key "GAMEPLAY_TimeForHarvest" on line #1051 and translations in the "Community Localization" table.
  2. Yields - there is no such word in the "Community Localization" table. But there is exist "GAMEPLAY_Yield" key with "Yield" value on line #1205.

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First of all, thank you for so BIG update!! All was waiting for it )))

And thank you for fix all previous (except the last) bugs with translation in that topic. I have marked it as solved.

And, yes, i found some new bugs ))) I really don't do it especially )))

All of that i have tested on new game.

1) A size of button confirm is normal on "exit menu", in "settings menu", but isn't in "new game" menu (selecting a game mode screen and selecting a start location screen). So a workshop's translation of a word doesn't placed in:

That's correct



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