Sandbox Updated to v.226 -- UNITY 5!!


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some real good improvements with this build. Got the lighting about spot on. Inside at night is totally better as well as outside with a lantern and such. I was very happy when I loaded the game and started playing..

I was greeted with a bear as soon as I came out of the trappers cabin and patiently waited on the ledge as he got closer and closer.. I fire off a shot and hit him thinking he will come strait at me but he didn't.. He went for the path leading up to the cabin and I was thinking "oh, sheet!". I squeezed of another round and got him again about midway up the path.. He turns the corner continuing his charge and I take aim again and fired off a third round. At that point I was thinking there is no way ill get a forth and my day was going to be a bit messed up, but he turned and ran after the third round! So I give chase and tracked him a few hundred yards to were he died.

It was the best most heart pumping time I have an in the game and I loved every moment of it!

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