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I did not want to thread jack the "Storing Items to Long in a Container", but something Exeexe said has been bothering me for a while.

Also, but this is more of a balancing issue. I think the cost of repairing a wolf coat is too high. Like you really have to kill more wolves in order to repair it. How about that you can use cloths/cloth or leader but then you must spend a high quantity of it.

So you have 3 options to repair it

There is really an abundance of leather in the game, that has a lot of real world uses for, that we can't use for a lot. Same for all of the other clothing materials. This makes no real sense. The natives of the Americas made clothing out of whatever they had on hand, not just this item was only used for this purpose. I am sure this is no different than any other hunter/gather culture that has existed (excluding religious/ceremonially provisions).

Lets set some sort of sliding scale to start things off:

Bear Skin = 8 units + predator scent, + major warmth bonus, minor windchill bonus

Wolf Pelt = 4 units, + predator scent, + minor warmth bonus, minor windchill bonus

Leather = 2 units, + prey scent, + minor windchill bonus

Rabbit Pelt = 1 units + prey scent + major warmth bonus, minor windchill bonus

Cloth = 1 unit

You could then assign a warmth factor and its resistance:

Bear Skin = 8 units, degrades slower, + major weight modifier (tough, heavy)

Wolf Pelt = 4 units, standard resistance, + minor weight modifier (a bit heavier)

Leather = 1 units, standard resistance, no weight modifier

Rabbit Pelt = 2 units, degrades fastest, - minor weight modifier (easily torn and lighter)

Cloth = 1 unit, degrades faster, - major weight modifier (weaker, very light)

Then make items take a number of "units" to create:

Sleeping Bag = 16 units

Coat = 16 units

Boots = 8 units

Gloves = 4 units

There would then be a "scent" cap, so players would not instantly become a predator or instantly become a prey animal. I would make it a percentage chance with a decrease number on the return the more you use it. The flip side of this predator smell is prey animals (deer and rabbit) are going to flee sooner, while smelling like prey will just have you as another forager, letting you get closer.

You now a have a system where a player could make a rabbit pelt sleeping bag, a deer skin coat or wolf pelt mittens. Or they could mix a match, rabbit + leather for boots could be "deer skin boots with fur trim" or whatever. Could also bring in the rest of the clothing, like a rabbit skin long johns or a wolf skin cap! This also lets the player tailor their equipment to what they have and what they want to do. Maybe they want leather and rabbit for sitting at the fishing hole, wolf + bear for hunting or just cloth long johns for sitting around the stove. The total weight, durability, warmth, wind chill and scent factors would be determined by its components. Also this sort of system would easily allow the addition of new skin types as new animals are introduced into the game or new materials are scavenged: minx, fox, beaver, cougar, wolverine, burlap, rip stop nylon, gortex or even filler material.

This would completely change all the existing clothing for the sole purpose of it being repaired or broken down. Imagine taking a ski jacket and repairing it with wolf hide or taking standard boots and adding rabbit fur. The possible combinations are staggering and all allow the player to manipulate the materials they have found to experiments and survive... or die trying.

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I somewhat agree but with less complexity. My Wolf coat wears out way too quickly and I have to waste precious ammo for something I shouldn't need so often. The added bonus of meat is usually excess, the guts are excess and I have so much leftover leather I could make 10 suits. It's just not realistic to be limited to only using the leather on boots and having cloth the only limited resource to repair all else.

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I would love to be able to craft any clothing item out of any pelt.. Just like you stated about the native Americans in that they they crafted what ever they needed. It could even be tier based in that the more you craft, the more that you unlock to be able to craft.

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I love this idea.

There is really way to much deer leather stacked up in my base each time.

And a thought I had while browsing through the crafting reciepies was "What? No trouses? But boots? Not some kind of simple moccassins but boots? Is this game trying to tell me it was easier to craft boots than trouses?"

I admit I have no idea how complicated it is to craft boots or trouses out of anything. Never done that. But in my head trouses are easier. Correcr me if I'm wrong :)

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