Starvation Defbuff Increases Fatigue Rate


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Hi all,

What would you think about starvation increasing the fatigue decay rate?

Walking and running around seem fine, but without anything to eat? What if the starvation debuff increased the fatigue rate by one level (i.e. standing rate becomes the walking rate, walking becomes running, and running becomes encumbered)? If this rate also stacked with the normal rate for these activities, it makes the starvation playstyle less effective. If you are going to hermit in a cabin, it still works for you (mostly standing around or sleeping) but if you want to do anything on an empty stomach, it will cost you fatigue.

Also, if the exhausted debuff decreased condition at the same rate as the frozen debuff (or at least significantly higher) and stacked as well, it would force people to rest more often, also decreasing the functionality of the starvation playstyle. I just think if you are going to be active in winter conditions with gear, but choose not to eat, you should get tired very quickly.


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