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I love the intuitiveness of the current UI, and researched the game prior to purchasing on YouTube and saw some of the older UI's and in general no complaints.

My biggest issue could be seen several ways:

- The ESC button should not trigger the PAUSE screen (but can still be used to back out interfaces) and another key like an FX key to take the actual pause functionality.


- The options menu should be rebindable, I notice currently it has a padlock on it. I don't quite understand what that means, does it mean there's some technical stuff you have to do before you can allow us 'rebind' that key and actually it'll be completely rebindable and ESC still function as above in future development.


I hate when you hit ESC and currently goes into the pause menu your cursor centers, and it ends up pixels off the 'load game' button. I think the options menu should present itself in a way where you are not likely immediately click on anything except for perhaps 'continue'.

I imagine this has been suggested/pointed out before but couldn't find it at a glance.


I did once (only once) be using some container, ESC out of it, hit it twice and then clicked to re-enter it - translating as a load from the last interior that happened in a split second. .. it's just a little bug bare of mine I thought i'd share.


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