Random CTDs (not present in u5 build)


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Hi, just like to pop in and say I bought the game on early access this week.

I immedietly went for the beta build because figured why not, but then was realizing I wasn't get any achievs and wondered if my save would actually be usable when update to main branch launched.

So, after playing for a couple of days (which were great btw, estimate slightly -lower- performance on a fairly low spec machine on the u5 beta), but I never put it down below 'ultra' setting and I don't have any metrics for you. I was content with it, basically, on ultra.

ANYWAY point is, I installed the default branch (de-opted out of the beta) to start getting those achieves and hoping my save had a greater chance of being carried over. And I get infrequent crashes between 20m-120m in exterior zones (haven't actually left Mystery lake yet). I re-verified the game files a few times through Steam because I was suspicious, tried playing around with graphic settings. Constant result.

BUT this never ever happened to be in U5 beta and I feel I would of definitely noticed it... so, I can give overr the log which talks about access validation yatatata, or you can take my feedback to say it's fixed in u5. Either way, really want teh patch naaaa0w xoxoxox :D :D

Some basic specs: i5-3570k cpu / GTX 660ti / 8gb RAM

So let me know if you want any of the tech splurge orr the save, but as I say as an end user I'm convinced the next patch fixes it for me.

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Well yeah. The bug is the random CTD's on current build. The feedback is that the u5 branch didn't have them on my particular setup.

And yeah I appreciate what you're saying about the saves, but what I meant was the actual steam achievements like 'you survived x long' etc never triggered so i got a little bit suspicious so went back to main branch and re-started there, then I started getting hit by the CTD's so figured I'd post it as a bug with the current version, after having tested the u5 and not found an issue (atleast not on the scale of a CTD problem :P ).

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

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