Don't know what it's called, a herb house? herbalist?

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There are much houses to loot, all of them fitting to each of their areas. There have been many threads about new and alternative plants to process but most are turned down due to the winter season. However, is the other way around where they are all found in a herbalist's house/shop?

When people evacuate, they tend to loot food/water only, next to everyone, nobody knows the deep value of herbs in a survival situation, as a result i'd dare to bet i would survive 10 more days than the average guy found on the street out in the wilderness when it comes to food. This leaves the herb houses untouched, unpillaged if that is even a word, can't that give us a chance to loot one? It could even be a 'everything shop' like wallmart (just an example) that pretty much sells everything, there could be sections for plants like seeds or nuts and whatever else. And to be safe from overlooting and just simply end up camping there, we could have the mega store mostly ruined by heavy snow breaking down the roof, rendering few sections semi-looted and untouched for that taking.

I'm pretty sure most of you know what i'm getting at so i'm just going to end it here saying Yay or Nay? :|

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