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As so many times so far,Dave Chan showed his stunning talent of audio creativity and amazing ideas,which he input into TLD game,to make it even more greater.My tribute goes to rest of members,who helped at realisation,as well.

This time,dying bear sound was that one,which made me left without words.In latest update or Unity5,bear comes to visit PV Farmstead,so we have him literarlly infront of our doors.I used his visit and shot him,so he dropped dead 2m infront of Farmstead kitchen double doors.I went inside to collect some wood for making camp fire and harvest bear`s meat.Whille returning outside and approaching bear lying on the snow,I heared sounds like gasping and sighting.For first it scared me and I was thinking he is still alive and he will jump up suddenly and attack me.Next I thought that there is maybe another bear arround the corner.But,nothing happened.No other bear,shooted bear was lying on the snow I made campfire and crouched.His gasping continued and I felt kind of sorry to start harvesting him.I realy had no strenght to do that,coz that sighting and gasping was so realistic! I felt realy bad,as in real life I am big protector of any kind of animals.

So,I was crouching there,listening to last sighting sounds of a bear,untill he died.Then yet I got courrage to harvest him.Maybe someone will laugh,but those moments were so emotional to me,that I felt like this was for real.

AMAZING,dear Mr.Dave Chan!!! Realy,those sounds are genious! My hat down and my sinceresly tribute to that stunning art of audio work.I feel sorry,that I didn`t record that scene,as i was too impressed with that,but for next time I will definately substantiate this story with video evidence.

Great,stunning work,guys!! You left me again speachless and amazingly impressed. :D:D

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The sound in TLD is truely great. The value of sound in a game is a greatly underestimated by many developers, but when done right, sound draws you into the game like nothing else can. It makes things real. And this is very well done in TLD. Like Denyo said, hat's off!

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