TLD Unity 5 Video Test


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I created a video showing the huge improvements in the graphics performance departement, framerate outside is double to trible compared to Unity 4. It shows the same areas in both versions so the difference can be seen. I also found two graphic glitches (I think) which are near the end of the video, I hope this helps the devs to fix it.

And at the end of the video there is a huge spoiler! You will be warned and get the chance to stop watching the video. Please do and save yourself a fantastic moment to discover - or continue and be ready to be blown away :D

I love this update, I won't play Unity 4 anymore ;)

[bBvideo 560,340:1oq0wedg]


My specs:

Intel Core i7-3930K@3.2Ghz


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (GK104) [Point of View]

16 GB Patriot Ram

Windows 8.1

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Thanks for your feedback Scyzara and Bill ;) It's a v218 save, maybe you need to start a new one Scy,

Hehe, at some later point for sure.^^

(I'm on Day 510 currently and would like to try to survive for 600 days+). :)

Thus I won't update to Unity 5 until this run is over, either - just to be safe.^^

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