[Active] no credit for boiled water (v.065, #0014)


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Bugname: no credit for boiled water

Description: If the fire goes out while melting snow, boiling water, cooking meat you do not get anything (used to get a partial amount). example you select melt 4 liters of snow. you only have enough time to melt 3.5 liters you spend 50 minutes of time then the fire goes out and you get nothing.

OS: Windows xp 32 bit (doing my part for the legacy testing)

Repro steps:Boil water or melt snow


Visibility: always

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I understand the issue regarding melted snow. You should get the partial amount melted.

But in regards to boiling water, the act of boiling water is boiling it until the entire amount is safe to drink. If you fail to even properly boil 1% of the unsafe water...it's still unsafe because you can't separate the good from the bad. I boil small batches at a time, or make sure I have plenty of wood on the fire if it's readily available.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.