[Coastal Highway] Wolf in Ice


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I was walking around on the ice, when I saw a wolf in the distance. Since he was where I wanted to go I kept an eye on him.

Then I think - I'm not sure, it was quite far away - he made a falling / dying motion. I was irritated, but thought maybe wolfs can starve to death and I get a free wolfskin...

So I went to take a look... and found the wolf still alive but half under the ice. He was still moving. But even though I was quite close he didn't realize I was there and didn't attack.

Then I went into a house and looted some stuff. When I got out again I went for another look at the wolf and found he had moved a bit. But he still wasn't able to notice me.

I'll add two screenshots. In the first one the wolf is still more or less there where he felt. In the second one he is where I found him after leaving the house again.



I don't know if this classifies as a "hole in the ice" like the ones Jeremy is looking for on Mystery Lake. But I am sure you guys will fix this since you have already done such an amazing job!



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In case any additional context helps, I just encountered this same glitch with both a wolf and a deer and did a little experimenting. I chased a deer into the Fishing Village marina, where a wolf was located, hoping to score a double kill with one bullet. The wolf and deer both became embedded in the ice. They both were running but not moving, and I could walk right up to them and nothing would change. Then I shot them both, and they each died and fell - making them unrecoverable, fully covered by the lake surface. Only one tiny corner of the deer's antler was visible above the ice. However, after an afternoon of working at the crafting table in the Fishing Village, I returned, and both bodies had reappeared at the surface in the interim and are now harvestable, which I wasn't expecting.

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