Loot respawn (Fixed in v.064)


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Slept in Camp office. Went in Dam but did not sleep anywhere. Left game to main menu. Came back later loaded saved game went up to dam and all the stuff I left there was gone but the containers had re spawned loot. Re loaded game and checked mystery lake and containers there also had re spawned loot. I can upload by debug log if needed.

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It seems like everything respawned except camp office. The lockers where relocked, the crowbar respawned. I used the crowbar to open the locker (for the second time) and the the stuff I put in the locker early in the game was gone. (i had slept/saved many times) I checked other lockers and the where locked and had new loot.

New loot was in the ice huts at mystery lake also. I still have the save game and can check what has respawned.

I think when the locker with my stuff respawned everything in it was wiped.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.