Compass & Spear


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You know it makes sense.

People living on the frontier usually have compasses, on their corpses if not at home.

A spear is made of a branch, a glass shard/fork/sharpened pencil/wood/ and Pitch glue (i.e. pine sap).

The average Canadian has played/fidgeted with pine in their childhoods (during Xmas) and notice it can be incredibly sticky under some of the spines. Even if they didn't, they somehow know how to use guts, which makes a great spearhead binder.

Of course one would have to have found a hunting knife first, in order the fashion a socket into the spear for the spearhead.

Now one can go tribal on the wolves and deer and make the right click go native.

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Aight thanks :)

I actually wrote the compass thread into the "suggestions" section of the forum, not into the feedback, so it got moved.

I didn't notice it got moved, and thus combined it with my spear thread, and so this happened. x_x

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