Best Scores Board in Main Menu?


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I didn't find this in a quick search, but I do apologize if this has come up before.

I would like to have a log or statistics tab on the main menu that lets us see our best score (or scores) by date played, and days survived.

It might also include statistics like average number of days survived, or a bar graph showing days survived (literally, our learning curve).

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+1 Would be a nice placement rather than the current "Log" [then again, it could just be that I haven't really found any use or benefit personally for the current log book yet]...

For Current Game, perhaps (if room) could even list table structure of buildings or special areas and location types visited that round so far.

For animals, perhaps small creature icons with even just the total number gathered [played killed ones that are harvested]... adds a bit of insight as to how much we're using up for longer survival [and could help extreme players challenge themselves to limit their max kills per game and still survive] ;)

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