Repair Auto Sort During Repair (Found in v.062)


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Let's say you have a few items that can be repaired:

  • Hunting Rifle (46%)
  • Cotton Socks (47%)
  • Down Ski Jacket (63%)

When you first enter the repair screen the Hunting Rifle will be automatically sorted to the top of the list. And let's say you begin the repair (without manually selecting an item to repair). What can happen is that the Cotton Socks lose condition during the sped up world time of the repair and are being auto sorted to the top of the list. This doesn't interrupt the repair progress, but it does update the required materials section and it does appear to effect the outcome of the repair job. The Hunting Rifle gets a little bit of repair (though not the entire XX% promised), and I'm not completely certain of this, but I think the Cotton Socks get repaired some too.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.