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Realistically speaking, I don't think this will happen, something relying on advanced Cooking would have to be locked behind the DLC, and if Hinterland were planning to develop something extra like this they'd probably want to make it free.


BUT I would really like a food themed Challenge anyway, I'd very much enjoy something where your calorie capacity is infinite, and you want to get to something like 50,000 stored in your system + eat a large variety of food, then go to a cave to hibernate for the winter

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46 minutes ago, ThePancakeLady said:

Sounds fun, but would only be open to players who own the TFTFT DLC.

See if you can make it a challenge everyone can try, with or without the DLC.

Okay, how about these:

  • Canadian Bacon (Consume 1 Deer Meat & 1 Bottle of Maple Syrup within 1 hour).
  • Carnivore (Consume 1 Rabbit, 1 Deer, 1 Wolf, & 1 Bear Meat within 24 hour)
  • Sugar Rush (Consume 1 Can of Soda, 1 Candy Bar, 1 Bottle of Maple Syrup, & 1 Can of Peaches within 1 hour).
  • Tea Party (Consume 1 Birch Bark, 1 Burdock, 1 Herbal, 1 Reishi Mushroom, & 1 Rose Hip Tea within 1 hour).
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