RMB does not remap correctly


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RMB when remapped to 'move forward' does not unmap it's function as 'aim'

I use the RMB for 'move-forward'

I use LAlt for 'aim'

So, using RMB for 'move-forward' works fine with two exceptions... when you are holding a lantern or rifle. Then every time I downpress the RMB it toggles the 'aim' state. So if I'm holding a lantern, every time I proceed to walk it toggles the lantern-placement mode on or off. If I'm holding a rifle, it toggles the use of rifle sights on or off.

Releasing the depressed RMB has no effect on 'aim', only when downpressing. Releasing RMB works as expected if you are moving forward, you stop.

If rifle sights are active (aiming down the barrel), if I press RMB/walk OR LAlt/aim, the player lowers the rifle.

If rifle sights are inactive but rifle is in hand, when I press RMB/walk OR LAlt/aim the player raises and aims the rifle

I have tried changing the 'aim' binding to different keys; which works fine when using the 'aim' key but has no effect on the RMB/move-forward key

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