Invisible wall near Waterfall at Rural Crosroads


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This is for the first time I ran into invisible wall,or how to call that.I was transfering cooked bear meat from cave to houses on other side of frozen river at Rural Crosroads in PV map.When I tried to pass between two rocks near Waterfall,something stopped me and I could not made any step forward.

On screenshoot I took,it can be easyly noticed,where my footprints stops.On exact that place I faced that "invisible wall"


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Thanks for letting us know! We'll look into it.


I simply cannot resist to not comment this! :lol:

When I saw name was like "baaaam" :D Coz Melody is my favorite woman name....I simply love that name. :)

I appologize,as my comment has nothing to do with game,but I realy felt i had to comment this.At least you made my day complete now. ;)

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