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I like the changes since 212 including the interface changes. I'd like to suggest a few additions:

In my inventory, when I click on food or drink, can I get an indication of how hungry or thirsty I am? I realize that for at least food, it tells me my calorie count when I actually eat something. I'd like to see it when I click on food.

When I click on any bed and assuming I can tell, can I get an indication of how much day/night is left?

Having to back out of one menu to see this info is an extra click that seems unnecessary and adds up over time.

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It might be nice to offer the user the option to choose between the newer, more graphics-heavy interface, and the older, text-focused interface.

I personally liked each, for different reasons.

But, if it came down to a more stable game with more features *OR* more interface options, I'd pick the former.

In Unity, is it possible to build an XML-based (or similar) interface, so that the players can build their own custom GUIs? Or are you locked into hard-coded interfaces?

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