Microwaves should work during auroras and provide fast cooking options


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As previously discussed: 

On 12/1/2022 at 11:57 AM, ManicManiac said:

Perhaps also consider that the First Flair may have surged so hard as to melt/fry more sensitive electrical components...  Which in my mind explains why all the cars are just dead.  Things like chips/solenoid starters/etc... simply may not have been able to survive that first flare and have been deadlined as a result.

On 9/11/2020 at 7:28 PM, ManicManiac said:

One more thing that a lot of folks don't always consider is that the initial flare would have likely fried small wires and other sensitive electronic components.  I don't think we can't just put (presumably) wildly fluctuating voltages through electronics and assume they'll work.

On 7/24/2019 at 10:33 AM, ManicManiac said:

The aurora would have likely fried the more sensitive components... just like all the cars we see, sure the lights flicker but it's likely the current generated by the aurora could have burned out starters, wires, hoses (from arcing).  I would posit that generators would be much the same... and even if they where functional, I would argue that like anything else reliant on electricity (yes an engine still needs a charge to get going... that's why you need a jump start when you let your car's battery go dead) - a generator would only work during an aurora... making it kind of moot.

  Something similar could be said about microwaves.  Possible that vital internal components have been damaged... or that subsequent auroras don't produce enough amperage/wattage/voltage... to get the Magnetron inside going (or the high-voltage transformer outputting enough... etc.).

Ultimately... this is just sort of my head-cannon for why somethings work and some don't... it's all arbitrary of course and Hinterland can adjust what works in an aurora whenever they see a potential functionality or a mechanic they feel would be worthy of the time and effort needed to design and integrate.  

I suppose another way to look at it... another one of those times where, "a video game, just has to video game."

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4 minutes ago, elpresidente said:

Alright, I do admit that my idea was a bit of a stretch.

It's been mentioned before ,including by me.    I just wanted to try blowing things up in it though😊

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A milling machine such as the ones used in TLD are pretty basic (essentially a glorified drill press), compared to the intricate electronics in a microwave.


A hot plate is somewhere in between. Works like a light bulb, but then the electronics used to control the heat would probably be where it fails.


Then again, the radios work. IDK.

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3 minutes ago, Leeanda said:

The lamps work too and there's no wires,plugs or sockets for anything!😁

A matter of induction, I'm inclined to think. 

but the truth of it, of course, is just an arbitrary selection on the part of Hinterland... but I love trying to workout theories that make the phenomenon internally consistent with whatever lore we can glean.  I think it's just a wonderfully fun thing to do.

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