Why did I go back to Blackrock?


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So I am in over a 100 days in latest survival run; last one ended in Blackrock due to me being impatient and frankly dumb. So yesterday, I make the decision to go loot BR. Why not? So I run into Timberwolves pretty much right away, but am prepped with Marine Flares and get away unscathed. Head to the prison to loot it. Getting late, so decide to chill but loot a little. I head on top of the infirmary and the aurora is making it a beautiful night. Then I see it...a WHITE WOLF! I guess this is a thing, but it is the first time I have seen one. And, he/she is with about 4 other wolves. I pull out my rifle and one shot kill one of them. Great! I will eat that tomorrow! So head to a safe place and bed down for the night. Up early, I head to the side of the prison to get loot. I am greeted by four handsome wolves. End up killing three, and head around to the back side office that you need to climb up to...only to be surprised by yet another freekin wolf! End up ending his day via a hunting knife, climb, loot, and come back to the rope to climb down. ONLY TO SEE A BEAR! WHAT THE #$&)#*%?? I don't think I have ever seen a bear spawn there! Well, I am attack proof so I pop a few rifle rounds in him and he runs and disappears. Great. How do I get down and back to safety? So eventually he shows back up and I riddle him with bullets, climb down, and get back to safety. Or what TLD calls safety, anyway. On the way, that last wolf shows up and I rifle him away. I keep asking myself why I left my comfy perch on the lake at TW mountain, and really wish I could teleport there. Thinking about hitting the mine and finishing this loot run, but...thinking that is a bad idea. Hope I can talk some sense into myself or this might not end well for me! Cheers!   

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I ended up going back to TM because I got lost and ended up taking the wrong trail, running into yet another bear and more timberwolves, and decided I had enough of Blackrock for a while. Need to go back, cuz I left lotsa goodies in a locker, but that will have to wait.

The white wolf showed up again in the prison yard, ran to a corner, and well...he was my breakfast next day.

screen_(-127, 228, 52)_0ea7c80c-7fe5-49f7-8496-660da4ed608d.png

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