Will the DLC remove all my saves?


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The December 5 update (regardless of whether the DLC was purchased or not) affected the survival mode save game process so the pre-update saves while not wiped out could no longer be accessed except in the Time Capsule (Steam).  It was not the DLC or expansion areas that caused the save game process to be updated.  That update was going to happen. 

I might speculate that if not for this save game process update that we might have been able to continue with all of our old save games into TftFT.  The changes to the save game process did seem to speed up saving the game with no momentary hitch as the game finalizes the save.  So there was some improvement.  

Anyway, so any save game started post-update but before buying the DLC should be fine is my guess.  

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On 1/21/2023 at 6:18 PM, desertedone said:

So recently all my 24/25 saves were wiped out. I made about 3-5 saves right now and don't want to lose them. Will buying the expansion and DLC remove the saves I just made?

Thank you for reaching out. Can you please confirm what version of the game you are playing on?

If you have already downloaded the latest Update on PC, adding the Expansion Pass will not impact your save files. We hope this helps! 

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