interloper Run visits Forsaken Airfield

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    I have been playing The Long Dark for a long time and I had an interloper run wiped that had 800 days where I had stayed at all major regions 50 days and had 100% of the world visited so when the new update came out I decided I would build a survival run with the goal of staying in this new region 50 days. So I started a new run which started me on Desolation Point. I managed to survive the initial looting route I took which brought me through Coastal Highway, The Ravine, Mystery Lake then Pleasant Valley where I finally located the hammer. I then went to Thomson's Crossing and made my way back to The Riken through the coal mine. Armed with the bow and arrows I stuck around Desolation Point for a while after I shot the bear from the ship. I managed to stay long enough to get my bear coat before returning for another brief stint at Coastal Highway before hunkering down in Mystery Lake. Once I got my archery to level 5 along with cooking I made the journey to Forlorn Muskeg and then stayed on Broken Railroad for a while then when I felt I was ready I made the journey to Forsaken Airfield.

    I arrived at the Junkers trailer and stayed there a couple days but food was scarce so I packed everything up and made for the Hangar. Once there I stayed for a while after I killed 3 wolves that were patrolling nearby then I bagged 2 deer behind my base. After a while I realized I needed to make the journey across the map to the island cabin for a bit of fishing.

   Needless to say this is a very challenging region as I'm kind of trapped on this island. The weather is horrible with wind and glitter fog. I killed the bear patrolling near the fish hut. I took his hide but fear the weather will prevent me from harvesting the meat. My condition is below 20% and insomnia is not a good thing as my condition level is low and weather too crappy to cook outside.

  I also made the mistake of not packing my improvised axe as there are some barrels here to break down for fire wood. I have not used the work bench at the hangar and will likely pack everything up and return to Junkers for crafting as I think I need to go double bear coat here as the cold is nasty. I find this region somewhat like Pleasant Valley but I find the distance between warm shelter a problem and am having trouble getting turned around a bit trying to escape this trap I am in. I found myself going in circles a bit when some fog rolled in when I made the mistake of veering off my straight course. 




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So today's session I managed to stay alive and cook some of the bear meat. I got my condition to about 80% then I decided I better get back to the Hangar so I seen the weather was a bit better so I crossed the map taking a pretty big hit on my condition. I managed to recover but soon got cabin fever. I cured that by boiling water by the fire near the terminal tower out of the wind and microsleeping. Now I need to go back to the island and get my bear skin which I left. Going to bring the improvised axe with me to break up some barrels there. I want to explore the rest of the region and it's a huge place. 

Have to say glitter fog is pretty annoying as I found myself going in circles in the airport as it's hard to see the buildings too well it's so thick. I thought I would have to go to Junkers to craft as I didn't want to use lamp oil but realize now I could craft when the door is ajar. Not sure how many days I have been here so far as the game doesn't track for me but at least 10 days for sure. 



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After spending a few days back at the Hangar I made the return journey across the frozen lake to the Island Cabin. My bear hide is not quite done curing so I spent my time dragging all the raw bear meat up to the cabin. I built a fire inside the little cave leading down to the steps to the shore. I thought  inside here the fire would be safe from the wind but alas my fire was snuffed out before I could finish cooking. I'm just doing a boring routine of gathering sticks and mapping a bit then returning to the cabin to warm up. 

I visited a small cave near the fishing hut which had a bed along with some coal which was nice to find.  My next excursion will be exploring a bit the other side of the lake to the far off cabin on that side of the map. I'm not sure when that will be as I want to get the double bear coat combo before I venture too far out into that cold.

Of coarse this place is no escape from the glitter fog which rolled in just at the end of tonite's session. I checked my days played stats and it looks like the game doesn't count any of the days I have been on this region so I guess I will have to use the hours inside / outside to calculate. I have more than enough resources to stay on this map long term. I have close to 60 arrow shafts and 3 maple saplings cured so a lot of arrows / bows enough to last me a long time. 



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Tonight I played a shorter session and spent the first day cooking the rest of the bear meat. After staving off cabin fever and getting my health to close to 100% and getting well fed back. I was ready to pull up stakes as my bear rug was cured. But another day of glitter fog rolled in and held up my plans.

After another day of sitting put I felt I need to go towards the Mindful cabin and pay it a visit since it was not that far away. So with the wind blowing hard I crossed the frozen lake avoiding the moose that spawned there and made for the road. After reaching it another wave of glitter fog hit but I just followed the road safely to the Mindful cabin. After looting and passing some time I enjoyed the view and mapped the area a bit. There is no reason to stay here as it is too far from anything so my plan is to go back to Island Cabin then cross the lake back to the Airport.

My next mission is to go to the other cabin just south of the airport and visit the Vista there. Would like to finish mapping the region but it is such a big region it's going to be difficult. 



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So I only spent one night at Mindful Cabin and got up in the morning to crappy weather but no matter I went down the road a little ways then headed straight for the lake. I looted the fishing hut then sneaked past the wolves and back to the Island Cabin. After a short nap the weather turned nice so I took advantage and went right back to the Hangar. At the Hanger the next few days I finished my bear coat so now have the double bear coat combo. 

After a bout of cabin fever I spent a night in front of the trailer (singing This Flight Tonight LOL) cooking rabbits which I snared there. My fire managed to stay going so I was able to microsleep a bit to get through it. Then I had a blizzard and cabin fever warning came back so I decided I would venture out and I found the other little cabin not far from the airport. 

I have a problem here though as another blizzard rolled in and I'm down to 2 cattails for food so going to have to get the heck out of here. I have the polaroid though and just need to figure out how to get to the Vista. 




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Tonight's session was pretty uneventful as I just some map exploration. After returning to my base I lost my well fed so I shot a deer near the trailer then spent a couple days hunting to replenish some food stocks. With a full belly I did some exploring visiting Final Approach and the Vista. So I have been to the main manmade structures on the map so now I just need to look for any caves that I missed. The map is so open and it seems like every time I think I'm going to explore a bit either glitter fog or a blizzard rolls in. I will check my stats but I'm pushing 30 days at least here not sure but seems like a while. I plan on returning to Junkers as I think I left a whetstone there and my axe and knife are in low condition. Made the mistake of not taking a hammer here where I can forge. 



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