Tanning Rack and craftable Cured Leather


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Throughout my playthrough, I noticed cured leather to be a limited resource to get your hands on. Cloth is usually not that hard to come by and recycling shoes feels like a waste of good clothing. I'm proposing the idea of a tanning rack found throughout the world. Essentially you can use it to cure animal hides/guts slightly faster (10-15%, calculation not final) to reduce the very long wait time for players wanting to craft fur clothing. In addition, once a fur is cured, you can use a knife/axe to skin the fur out and acquire cured leather instead. The amount of cured leather you acquire will depend on the animal hide you cure.

This new feature will give early-late game players another reason to harvest hides from animals. In terms of where a tanning rack would be located, it would be close to individual shelters that exist within the wilderness (ex: Timberwolf Mountain hut, Mystery Lake Trappers Cabin, etc.). You won't find a tanning rack in a town with multiple shelters close to each other. Furthermore, The amount of hides/guts you can place on the tanning rack will depend on the size of the animal. You can put 3 rabbit hides and fresh guts on 1 tanning rack, while other animals take up all 3 slots due to their sizes. 

Feel free to share your thoughts down below if you think this concept idea would fit the game, or if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve this idea as a whole.


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