Red boxes and ruined items


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I have a saved game that I've been running through steadily for a few years now (300+ in-game days) and that's gone through several major game updates. I used this particular run to get most of the achievements, and so I've explored almost every nook and cranny, plus I've picked up pretty much all the useful loot I could find. As a result, there are red boxes everywhere - the kind that Hinterland shunts items into when they make a region change - and they're loaded with hundreds of items each.

I was wondering what would happen to those items if, given enough time, they become ruined? Do they disappear from the red boxes the same way they do for other in-game containers? I have a ton of meat and other resources that I'd rather not lose, even if they reach 0% quality. After all, many of the items placed into those boxes weren't in any containers beforehand, and that was on purpose to avoid them disappearing from the game.

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You will find that many many items are gone...

All 0% food that was left on the ground that gets transferred in to a red box goes poof ! I lost 100's of Kg of food when the red boxes were implemented.  

Plus any of your carefully prepared caches of food / wood etc in caves will have all been relocated to the red boxes necessitating a laborious need to move it all back to where it once was...

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Items IN THE BOXES still decay as if they are in a container.

Any food items that were already ruined when they were put into the boxes will be instantly deleted.

If a food item that had low condition was put in the box, it will still decay, until when it reaches 0% condition, it will also be deleted.

Regardless of where in the location the item was placed or stored, they will all be transported into the red container, so make sure if you have any known caches of food, to remove them before they become ruined.

This is an unfortunate oversight by the devs 

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We haven't seen another Lost and Found event since back about Episode 3 when it was implemented. 

The negative consequences to all to trying to spare a few the possibility of losing gear were pretty overwhelming. At least IMO. 

Lost and Found could be tweaked with respect to ruined food but other effects while not so troublesome (like laboriously laid out trail and safe passage makers being swept up and away or materials left at forges and work benches, etc. being moved far away) were likely not welcome either.  

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