Hello From Lisbon, Portugal


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Hello everyone, I just recently join the forums , and don't introduce myself properly, i only read some of the forums and leave some post in streaming tab about my new channel.

My name is Ricardo Silva, i have 32 years old , I'm a Developer in a low code platform called Outsystems, and love to play games, most of them survival or space sims, but i really like The Long Dark, because it feels more realistic, in survival matters then the rest, Really looking forward for the future of the TLD,

YouTube Chanel:  Light Night Gameplay YouTube Channel

Twitter: @predazgaming


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Bem vindo !

Eu falo portugues como um carailho 😉

But I know quite well the north (Porto, Guimaraes, Braga) and really enjoy biking in the mountains (Gerês) of this magnificent country.

Been to Lisbon many times as well and enjoyed the natural park south of Setubal 

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